Living Together

is a multimedia project exploring the different ways we are forming community today. 


As the world faces existential crises that are impacting our everyday lives, the question of how to live and with whom becomes a much more relevant question. 

Living Together believes that collectivism is one of the answers to how we can survive and thrive in the coming days, both on a micro level and also on a global scale. 


Through writing, film, photo and audio, Living Together captures the minutia of what transforming our relationships to each other looks like. It's not a project of how-to, it's more a project of how it is to be in it... right now. 

I hope you enjoy! 

Behind the scenes...


Kylie Tseng is a writer, builder and artist living on Chochenyo Ohlone land also known as Berkeley. She's a collectivist & jam improv enthusiast.